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around reminding people received any bags laying around. >> they are girding outside every government building while extra security screenings are causing long lines. the trash cans remain off- all airports requiring extra screenings while extra officers and canine units around the hallways. it is all part of a new normal. as tense as things are today, we should give you a heads up that you can expect to hear lots of explosions tonight near freedom plaza because of the display for the emancipation will be going on as planned. >> the annual george washington parkway classic will take place next sunday. they say they will have additional security there but they say the safety of participants, staff, and spectators are their top priority. information about the security changes will be released on thursday. >> what happened in boston will certainly have a ripple effect on other races, but we do have an update. >> let's go right to boston where the governor deval patrick is about to speak. >> including the boston police come a the massachusetts state police, atf, secret service, and others
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1